Staff Theft

Most managers of businesses would like to think that their employees would never steal from their company, however it’s a sad fact that any employees have stolen from their place of work at some time or another.

“In late 2010 KPMG released its ninth biannual Fraud and Misconduct survey. Out of 200 companies and organizations throughout New Zealand and Australia, 53% of respondents experienced at least one incident of fraud and the average loss rose from an average NZ $1.9 million in 2008, to NZ $3.8 million for the 2010 year” (Theft in the workplace. The advocate.)

As you can see in these statistics, whether it’s smaller value items which the employee can feel they’re entitled to or higher value items – it all adds up for you and the final price may even be your business! This is a serious problem that must be addressed, before you’re the one that loses out.

If an incident is not investigated promptly, the message is sent to employees that this behavior is ok. If you become aware that you are losing stock, that your takings for the day are always down, or there’s just no money being seen at all – These are valid suspicions and we can help you.

The Private Eye Team with their specialized equipment will help carry out a thorough investigation for the proof you need. They will covertly monitor your store by installing hidden cameras, to determine what is going on when your back is turned…and we all know that the camera never lies.


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