Nanny Cameras

We can’t always be everywhere…

It is a sad fact of life nowadays that in many families both parents have to work to raise enough money for their children. Whether you decide to leave your eldest child in charge or employee a nanny/babysitter – it’s almost impossible to be 100% sure that you know exactly what’s going on when your eyes aren’t there to see.

We all hope that someone would treat our children with both respect and decency, but sadly in some cases there are some horrible cases where this isn’t the case.

In 2010 a “hidden Nanny Cam” revealed an abusive babysitter mistreating an 11-month-old for no apparent reason at all. Thankfully the recording and evidence provided the parents with what they needed to not only stop the abuse on their child but also to stop it from every happening to anyone else’s family. With the evidence provided from the ‘Nanny Cam’, the nanny was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

For your peace of mind, Private Eye Investigations can install cameras in your home, to allow you another set of ‘Eyes’. They will monitor the footage while gathering any relevant evidence for your current investigation, before compiling a full report that will let you know exactly what is going on when your back is turned.

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