Mobile Petrol

Sometimes it’s not only the “inside” you need eyes in but also the outside of your business or property.

The Private Eye Team provides a mobile security service that can help you stop the perpetrators before they can even touch your door knob. No business is too small for property surveillance; from circumstances where your property has been burgled several times previously, to having reports of a lurking figure in the dark. The Private Eye Team can provide you with both photographic and recorded evidence that will stop thefts right at your door step.

The Private Eye Team caters for a vast variety of properties that can be put under surveillance from:

Retail Stores
Personal Properties (Day, Night or while on vacation)
School Properties
Industrial Sites

So whether you’re prone to break ins, suspicious behavior or unexplained happenings around your property, give the Private Eye Team a call and they’ll work for your needs.

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