Business Theft

Theft costs New Zealand businesses millions of dollars every year!

If you own or run a retail business you probably know exactly how costly shop theft can be.

Shoplifters fall into two categories, casual shoplifters and the professional shoplifters.

-          Casual shoplifters normally steal on impulse and take small goods of little value that are easily concealed.

-          Professional shoplifters steal to order and they generally work in pairs; they will spend several days observing your store before striking and take high value goods.

Professional shoplifters have many techniques and methods for stealing and sometimes you can look straight at them as they steal from you and you still won’t see what they are taking! … And that’s where our ‘Eyes’ come in!

The Private Eye Team have extensive knowledge of both casual and professional shoplifter’s tricks, trades and schemes which will allow you to be always one step ahead of them. With specifically made hidden camera, thefts won’t have any idea that you’re watching them and catching them in the act. Once they’ve investigated where the loop holes are in your security, a few simple changes can significantly reduce the amount of profits lost due to light fingered customers.

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